Geneva County, Alabama

Revenue Commmission Office

Dean Shields, Revenue Commissioner

Maryann Ellison, Revenue Administrator

  • Geneva County Courthouse, 200 North Commerce St., P. O. Box 326, Geneva, AL 36340
  • Phone:  (334) 684-5650
  • Fax: (334) 684-5602

Welcome to the Geneva County Revenue Commissioner’s website.  We hope that you find the following information helpful.  If, at any time, you have a question relating to your property, please do not hesitate in contacting this office.


Property Taxes are due October 1 and are delinquent January 1.

In the State of Alabama, a Tax Lien attaches to all property on October 1, and is paid a year in arrears.  In other words, if you are the owner of the property on October 1 of any year, the property will be billed in your name, and you will receive the tax notice the following October 1.

You may make payment for your tax bill by the following options:  

  1. Cash, Check, Cashier’s Check or Money Order.
  2. Debit/Credit through Paymentus by calling toll free 1-855-232-9043 and follow the instructions.  There is a service fee charged by Paymentus for this service.  We do not take debit/credit payments in the office.


It is your responsibility to assess the property into your name.  You must assess the property in person at the Geneva County Revenue Commissioner’s Office located in the Geneva County Courthouse, 200 N. Commerce St., Geneva, Alabama.

At the time you assess the property into your name, you will need to file for a homestead exemption, if you are living on the property.  Please bring a copy of your deed to assess the property in your name and apply for any exemptions you may be entitled to.  If you are over 65 years of age, or total and permanently disabled, you are eligible for a Special Homestead Exemption.  Proof of age for those over 65 must be submitted (i.e. Driver’s License, Birth Certificate).  If you are totally and permanently disabled, proof of Government Disability (i.e. Social Security, VA) or proof of disability affidavits from two physicians licensed to practice in this state, one being an affidavit by a physician who is actively providing treatment directly related to the disability of the person seeking the exemption.  These affidavit forms may be obtained from our office.  Those over 65 must have proof of their taxable income for both them and their spouse, as shown on their latest Federal and/or State Income Tax Returns.

Special homestead exemptions must be claimed each year from October 1 through December 31.  Once you have signed up for the special exemption, an application is mailed to you to claim the exemption for each year thereafter.  You must sign up each year.  The regular homestead exemption is only claimed once and remains in effect for as long as you own and occupy the property as your permanent place of residence.  Only one () homestead exemption can be claimed per family.  If you own a home in another county or state and claim a homestead exemption there, you are not entitled to claim a homestead exemption here.

If the land you purchased was valued under Current Use, you must re-apply under your name.

You are responsible for keeping your mailing address current and reporting any changes to your property.  Should an existing building be torn down or removed from the property, or should a room be added to the house or other buildings on the property, you are required to report those changes to this office between October 1 and December 31.  Failure to do so could result in paying property taxes on buildings which are no longer subject to taxation.

Property taxes become due on October 1.  Property taxes which are not paid by December 31 will be subject to a late charge and penalty.  You are responsible for payment of your property taxes.  As previously stated, if your mortgage company has an escrow account and you pay your taxes in with your house payment, it is your responsibility to ensure that your mortgage company pays your property taxes no later than December 31 each year.

Property taxes in Alabama are collected in arrears.  This means that when the tax lien attaches on October 1, those taxes will not be paid on until the following October 1.  The property will remain assessed the name of the person you purchased it from until the next tax lien date, October 1.  We will put the property in care of you for tax notice purposes when you assess the property, if you specifically make this request.


If you have a mortgage on your property and your taxes are being escrowed, the mortgage company should make payment on your behalf.

It is the responsibility of the financial institution to ensure that they are paying on the correct property based on the legal description.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your property taxes are paid and on time.  It may be necessary for you to contact your mortgage company if there is a problem with your payment.  If the taxes are to be paid by a mortgage company and they are not paid by December 31st, penalties and interest will be added; and, the continuance of non-payment will result in a sale of the property.

Upon request and a stamped envelope, a copy of the paid receipt will be mailed to you.


Manufactured Home registration is due October 1 and delinquent after November 30.

If you are over age 65 or are totally and permanently disabled and you live in the manufactured home as your residence, you may be entitled to a Special Homestead Exemption, but you must request this exemption and bring proof of your disability and/or age.  You will still be charged an issuance fee of $5.00.  Failure to renew the manufactured home by the deadline of November 30 will result in a charge of the full registration fee along with the issuance fee and penalty.

You are required to display the decal in a location visible from the street or driveway.

In order to register a manufactured home, for models 1990 or newer, you must bring to this office an Alabama Title Application, Bill of Sale and proof of Sales Tax paid.  For models prior to 1990, bring in the Bill of Sale and proof of Sales Tax paid.

We cannot take Debit/Credit payments at this time for manufactured home decals.


Personal property is property not permanently affixed to or part of the real property, such as furniture and/or equipment.  Everything that is not real estate is personal property.

Every individual, firm or corporation owning business personal property in Alabama on October 1 of each year is required to report personal property.

A complete itemized listing of all personal property owned on October 1 must be provided to the local assessing official in the taxing jurisdiction in which the property is located.  This list must be submitted between October 1 and December 31 of each year to avoid a penalty.  The list must include a description of the property along with its acquisition date and cost.  The proper form can be obtained from this office.

Basically, all furniture and fixtures as well as machinery and equipment purchased for and used by the business should be listed on the rendition form; this includes furniture and/or equipment that you have brought from home or someone gave to you.  If you use it in your business, it must be reported.

Legislation requires all businesses purchasing permanent trailer tags from the Licensing Official, to list the trailer as personal property on a Business Personal Property Rendition Form and pay the ad valorem tax to the Revenue Commissioner.

The State of Alabama under Title 40, Code of Alabama 1975, requires that every person report to the County Taxing Official each year a complete list of all business personal property owned by the taxpayer on October 1 of the tax year.

Our office must receive a Business Personal Property Rendition form every year even though the equipment is the same as the previous year.

If you own real estate in this county, Alabama Title Code 40 gives the Revenue Commissioner authority to deny a tax payment on real property, until said taxpayer has first paid taxes on all personal property listed.

Your business can and will be audited by the Revenue Commissioner to insure that all business personal property items are listed on the rendition filed by you.  If you fail to file a rendition, your business will be audited.

Failure to pay taxes on personal property will result in the property being sold in compliance with Section 40-5-14 Title Code 40 and there is no redemption right for said property. 


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